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5 Apps for Students to Stay Organized & Successful in College

This is a guest post by Samantha Rhodes.

5 Apps for Students to Stay Organized & Successful in College - MevvyIf you’ve enrolled in an online college, you might find it more difficult to focus and keep track of all your assignments and due dates. With ample time on your hands, you have found yourself swimming in assignment after assignment and have mixed up your dates of tests and homework many times.

To successfully take your college online courses, you need to be organized and pay attention to time and deadlines— every second counts. If you turn in your paper five seconds after the deadline, it will not likely be accepted.

How can you keep track of your assignments and get ahead of the curve? Start with your smartphone. Here are 5 apps for students that can help you get through the madness!

According to 148Apps, education apps were the second most popular category by share of available apps in January 2013, right behind games.

5 Apps for Students to Stay Organized & Successful in College - Mevvy

You use your smartphone more than anything else, and these four apps will help you stay organized and successful.

iStudiez Pro — $2.99

If you are juggling a full course load, a full-time job and extracurricular activities, iStudiez Pro acts as the digital hub for your academic life. This user-friendly app will allow you to organize complicated schedules, prioritize homework assignments and keep you on track. Push notifications will alert you before assignments are due.

The most convenient feature by far is the ability to track your GPA. Through the app you can also add instructor’s email and phone number. The app is available for iPhone and iPad.

Wolfram Alfa  — $2.99

Wolfram Alfa is the best app for solving mathematical puzzles and offers resources for statistics and data analysis. The app has become known as the “world’s definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation,” according to the Android marketplace. With this app you can get information ranging from numbers, plotting, math, statistics, physics, chemistry, astronomy and engineering, to name a few.

Clear — $1.99

Clear is an essential life organizer app that helps keep your chaotic life together. It features a to-do list feature that’s quick and simple to use. Simply pull the screen to create an item and swipe to complete. Clear is available for $1.99 for iPhone, iPod and iPad. For Android users, Koalcat’s Clear is a similar product and free for all users.

Quizlet — Free

Studying on your phone has never been easier. With the Quizlet app, you have access to a database of over 21 million flash card sets that are already created. You can also create your own set of flashcards for anything you need to study. Pick from three distinct study modes and take advantage of audio in 18 languages. Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod. For a similar Android product, download Flashcards+, which is also free.

Dropbox — Free

No matter your major, area of interest or education, everyone should download the Dropbox app. I bet you have dozens of files you need to save, share and reference back to throughout the semester, making Dropbox the perfect solution. It helps keep your files organized as well as accessible from any device. Dropbox is available on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Samantha Rhodes is an entrepreneur and freelance writer who loves to share ideas on how women can empower themselves through technology. She is a mother to three girls and is excited to show them how powerful women can be when they set their minds to something.


Want paid apps
for free?

Get exclusive special offers,
deals, discounts and more !

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