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7 Great Tools For Consultants & Freelancers

Consultants and freelancers have to be highly flexible in their work life, and require a completely different set of tools than many other occupations. Here are 7 tools for consultants and freelancers that simplify anyone’s routine.


Bidsketch is designed to help you create winning proposals. What appears to be a regular PDF document is actually a carefully structured proposal that can be viewed online.

If you are working on many projects concurrently, Pipedrive is for you. It helps you keep track of the latest status with various clients, from initial contact to closing the deal – all this within a great simplistic design.


Meetings.io is probably the best solution to create a professional image for your web conferences. With Meetings.io you create a ‘meeting room’ which your conference partners can access through a web link. This link is your meeting room entrance and can be designed according to your personal or corporate branding.

Talking about meetings – have a look at Minutes.io. Take your meeting minutes for free, online and share them instantly.

Brainstorming Tools for Consultants and Freelancers

Sometimes a project requires brainstorming sessions be it with colleagues, partners or clients. iBrainstorm is a great solution to unify all your thoughts onto one iPad screen and keep your ideas in one place.

Billing Tools for Consultants and Freelancers

Time is money. Especially for freelancers and consultants. Use Toggl to keep track of your (non-)billable time. You can use it pretty much on any device.

Once you have figured out your numbers you can use Freshbooks to bill your clients, send neat invoices and follow up on pending payments.

With 7 simple tools you can simplify your work life and bring more structure into your routine. We hope this helps and would love to hear about your experience!


Which tools can you recommend for consultants and freelancers?

Want paid apps
for free?

Get exclusive special offers,
deals, discounts and more !

  • Andy

    I’ve heard about Meetings before, but didn’t give it much thought before now. I’ll have to get Bidsketch on my must test list.

    I also have a nice tool that I think you might like. It combines time tracking with project management & invoicing, which is pretty great, I use Paymo ( http://www.paymo.biz/ ) for almost a near now and so far so good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Time-management-Community/554894041201119 Vincent Churchil

    Great list. But I think it would be great if you add Replicon time clock software to it.

  • Emma

    Thanks for this nice list however I find Replicon’s time tracking software is yet another great tool that is pretty hassle free and can be quickly implemented.

  • Jane Berry

    Great Post. I want to add one more project management & time tracking tool in this list i.e. http://www.proofhub.com/. It contains features like time tracking, to-do’s, casper mode and assigning a task to multiple people.