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8 Smart Apps For Your Everyday Life

Apps have one common goal: Making your life easier. This can be for many different things and situations. Here are 8 must-have apps for your phone to keep yourself covered …

Passing On A Message

Often we find ourselves in a tough spot to type a message out to someone. Try Say it Mail It. You can record your message (or convert it into text) and send this memo to yourself or others.

Driving & Parking

The same old problems. Not any more! Use GasBuddy to show you gas prices & gas station locations nearby, and Parkme to find a good parking spot!

Dieting Or Not Dieting?

Well, it is really up to you, but with Foodzy you are always in the know of your current weight. Keep a journal of what you eat everyday, and Foodzy will give you tips on getting & staying healthy.

Is It Going To Rain?

Good question. Have Dark Sky handy. No other app gives you a more precise weather forecast, telling you when and where exactly the weather will change.

Waiting For A Delivery

You are very familiar with those days when you are expecting a package but don’t know when it’s going to arrive? Try Slice. It helps you track any order you’ve made, and know when it’s going to arrive.

I Am Asking Myself …

… how is the traffic on US1? … will there be a long queue at Starbucks? Don’t ask yourself. Ask Local Uncle. Through this app you can ask a large community of FourSquare users what’s happening in a specific place right now. 80 % of all questions get answered within 5 minutes. Brilliant, isn’t it?

I Can Do This … Tomorrow!

No more postponing. All those resolutions you’ve set yourself are finally going to be put into place with Lift.do. Track your goals, get motivated by the Lift community and achieve what you’ve set yourself!

There are many more apps to simplify your daily life. Share yours in the comments!


Want paid apps
for free?

Get exclusive special offers,
deals, discounts and more !

  • OBVAVirtualAssistant

    Driving and parking is the most handy app. which I think I am going to use it very soon. They all are very helpful indeed thank you.

  • Amisha Ekaant

    To make life easier and to save time we should always look for smarter and faster ways to do things. Now, technology is so advanced that we can do almost anything from anywhere we want. There are many apps are available for almost anything we want to do and many of them are available are free. But in free version, we can get only limited options to use.

    Likewise for time management, Personally I use Replicon software ( http://www.replicon.com/olp/online-time-recording-software.aspx )! I’ve used quite some applications for the various tasks including invoicing, time tracking, and so on. But this application came with the promise that I would be able to handle all the tasks using it.

  • Felix

    Proofhub.com is another tool that I’d like to add in this list as well. This tool is very effective for managing team as well as time. This tool is well designed and user oriented too.