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8 Tools for Better Client & Team Collaboration

Working well together is pretty much the most difficult goal any good company wants to achieve. It’s tough to bring colleagues, clients and vendors onto the same page and collaborate effectively. Here are 8 tools to make your worries a thing of the past and improve your client & team collaboration!

Team Collaboration On Projects Within Your Group

There are two very sophisticated platforms you can use to get all your team members to collaborate – Asana & Trello. Both are very easy to use, super clean in design absolutely indispensible if you need your entire team to be in-the-know of what’s going on.

Communication Within The Company

For company internal communication there is nothing better than HipChat. Create a chat room for your colleagues, open and private chat rooms and keep your conversations organized and centralized.

During the next team brainstorming session try out iBrainstorm. It connects iPads & iPhones where everyone can create & ‘send’ sticky notes to one big brainstorm board.

Sharing, Editing & Accessing Files

It’s never wrong to have a shared folder within your Dropbox and give everyone access to the most important files & documents.

As an add-on, get Google Drive as well. It’s perfect for spreadsheets, presentations & documents that multiple people should be able to access & edit at the same time. No duplicate files, no lost data.

Working With Your Client

Say goodbye to emails, notes, calendars & meetings in different places, and invite your client to work with you on Basecamp. You’ll have all your project details neatly arranged in one place, and every participant can share & edit the info within the project. Team collaboration couldn’t be any simpler.

Bonus: Simply Better Meetings

Going on a conference call can mean picking up the phone or using a personal chat platform like Skype. Why don’t you try out Meetings.io for your sales calls & meetings? It’s way more professional, makes a great image and keeps your personal chats strictly personal.

What do you use?


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Want paid apps
for free?

Get exclusive special offers,
deals, discounts and more !

  • Jane Berry

    Having teams working remotely in over 5 countries, we have tried a variety of combinations of PM software, from Basecamp to activeCollab. Most recently I found Proofhub (www.proofhub.com) and have been in love with it since. It’s truly one of the most innovative platforms for not only project management but also to manage your business. We use it for Human Resources, Development, Client relations, and customer service. This tool lets a business to better communicate and collaborate with its sponsors, clients, customers and other stakeholders and give them a true picture over progress achieved in its projects.

  • http://clinked.com Tayfun Bilsel

    Clinked (clinked.com) offers branded Client Portal and ideal for agency-client collaboration. Fully customised and white-labelled without spending thousands and enables you to use your own URL, your own client login page, branded mobile app and branded desktop file sync