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From First Date To Happily Ever After in 17 Apps

Okay, I’ll admit it. Typically apps are about business, news, games and other random stuff. But when you think about it for a minute, we use apps in every aspect of our lives – and very much so when it comes to love. On that note, please indulge in this tech-infused love story …

Find Your Match

People meet. At the bus stop, on the street and on the internet. If you are up for a new encounter, here are two ways you can go about it:

One very popular dating site is OK Cupid. The service sets itself the goal to match-make as carefully as possible, by allowing you to create a very detailed profile of yourself. Do opposites attract? OK Cupid should get you the answer.

If you aren’t a big fan of dating services, there is an alternative – How About We is a great way of meeting people. On How About We, individuals can invite others out to do something fun. It’s an initiative that aims to get people to move away from cyber dates, and toward real-life experiences.

No matter how you like to go about it, you’ll meet a special someone … believe in it!

Go On Lots Of (Great) Dates!

Dating is about having fun together. Find interests you share, and build a set of activities you enjoy doing together!

Here are some ideas:

-       If you are an absolute movie fan, get Movie Pass and forget about queueing for tickets every time a new blockbuster comes out!
-       Check out Seatgeek and get tickets to the best music, sports and other events in your area.
-       Book your restaurant table with one click via OpenTable instead of calling in.
-       If you travel together, check out Wanderfly and their personalized travel recommendations. You’ll be amazed by the things you can do on this planet!

No matter if you love to travel or not, one great app not to miss is Fog of World. It’s probably the most creative way for you guys to keep track of your abouts. Fog of World tracks where you’ve been by lifting the ‘fog’ on Google Maps once you’ve crossed the area.

Should you belong to the more traditional memory keepers, there is Oh Life. I’d say it’s the cutest diary service you can think of … it sends you a daily email asking “how was your day” to which you reply with your daily happenings.

And every once in a while, Oh Life sends you a snippet of a previous entry of yours. There is nothing cuter than remembering a past date. Love is in the air …

Move In Together

This is one important step! Giving up your privacy, exchanging your personal space, packing and unpacking … if this freaks you out a little, do not worry, it’s normal. Some things you’ll have to sort out on your own, others can be simplified; for instance your apartment search: try Padmapper. It’s the most innovative way of apartment hunting yet. It displays all search results on Google Maps, and points out things that matter – supermarkets, gyms, gas stations and crime areas – so that you can make an educated decision on your next love nest.

PS – once you’ve moved in, here is another life saver [or better trouble saver]: Lark. Lark can do many things, but most importantly it’s a vibrating alarm-clock-wrist-band. Yes, a wrist band. From now on you won’t wake up your sweetie when it’s time to get out of bed for the early morning shift!

Share Everything

We all have Facebook, but we also all have more personal moments we want to share just with our special someone. For these special exchanges there is Path. It’s a private social network, where you choose who’s part of your closest circle. Watch this adorable video – it’s meant to be …

The Wedding!!!

Then … days, weeks, months or years down the road – it’s time to tie the knot. Planning your wedding is one of the most amazing projects of your life, so enjoy it thoroughly! To ensure that everything is perfect, consider signing up for WeddingUp. You’ll have every detail of your wedding at your fingertips at all times.

You should also check out Wedsite, and create a beautiful wedding website full of pictures, stories and infos for your wedding guests.

… And here is a special note for the bride: you are gorgeous the way you are. If you still think you need to lose weight before your big day, do it with DietBet and it’ll make your journey less painful and more encouraging than ever before!

What remains from the most important day in your life? Lots of love, heartwarming memories and … pictures. It can be a daunting task to collect all photographs from every guest after your wedding. Not so with Capsule. With Capsule you create your very own image library online, to which every guest can upload their photos – the moment they are taken!

It’s The Little Things …

Down the road you’ll go through good times and bad times. It’s life, after all. But never forget: It’s the little things that matter most. Also here I’ve got two apps to keep you covered:

Use Fantastical to take note of every major day in your love life. Be it your first date, your wedding anniversary or any other day that brings back a special moment in time. Text, email or call each other and remind each other of the love you feel.

Does your honey love chocolates, flowers, accessories? Set a reminder on Checkmark – but not just any reminder. Make Checkmark remind you of your spouse’s favorite something when you are passing a store where it is sold. Drop in and get him/her a little gift – I am sure your little gesture will be highly appreciated …

As a former wedding planner I hope you enjoyed this post! If you can’t get enough of love, here is Disney’s hopelessly romantic short film Paperman.

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