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How to Create A KILLER Presentation

Putting together a great presentation isn’t necessarily easy. It takes time to develop a stellar concept, find the right words, and follow the red thread. As much as public speaking is a skill that can be acquired & improved through practice, the right presentation material is not a skill. Here are some simple (unspoken) rules & insightful tips; the type that can make your next presentation a true success!

Part 1 – The Basics. The Best Presentations Are …

  • Short and simple with words. Use keywords on your slides, never full and long sentences. Watch Pinterest’s Ben Silverman talk at Y Combinator’s Start Up School and see what his slides say.
  • Easy to read. Watch the size of the font, colors, & placement of text. Don’t have too much text – it is a presentation, not a reading exercise.
  • Supported by images and graphs. Visual support is the best technique to keep everyone focused. Here is Seth Godin’s speech on spreading ideas and how he combines his talk with images in the background.
  • Flowing. Try to create a natural flow in your presentation rather than jumping from topic to topic. Try storytelling instead of chapter-style speaking.
  • Messengers. Send a major message every few slides. Don’t prioritze every slide but rather give enough time to absorb the information.
  • Fueled by examples. Use the chance to illustrate what you mean. Give good examples and let your audience dive into the topic.


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