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How To Stay On Top Of Your Industry News

No matter what business you are running, being in the know of your industry’s lastest news is essentials. Here are some webtools that may help you to do so (almost automatically):


Mevvy presents How to stay on top of your latest industry news


Google Keyword Tool - As if Google didn’t already offer a universe of services already, they also entertain one of the best search engines to analyze keyword searches. This can be a very effective source for your metadata keyword cloud!

Hashtags - Hashtags.org is a great Twitter search tool. Simply try out your key words and know how much they are talked about – and by whom!

Similar Site Search - There is no way for us to know every website out there. But there is a way of finding more of them that relate to us. Use similar site search to find, as it says, similar sites and read their contribution to the internet.

Google Trends - Interests in topics vary, and experience highs and lows. Google Trends allows you to view statistics of importance over time, and the industry news in general


Too busy to keep doing all this? There are two simple ways (do it once, and never again) to be in the know of what’s going on:

Paper.li - It is an indispensable tool for all those wanted to grow their Twitter crowd! Paper.li allows you to generate a daily online newspaper, which compiles itself out of topics chosen by you – and publishes itself on your Twitter stream, thanking all those valuable contributors (who are just too glad to RT your tweet and start following you!!!). Plus you’ll be aware of what people write about …

Google Alerts - You can choose keywords of which Google will send you a daily update on their appearance on the web. Typically it is between 3 – 6 articles a day, which make it very easy to stay on top of the game. It is almost like reading the news.


Now you know what’s hot in your industry … now it’s time to find out who is talking about you!

Backlink Watch - This webtool is essential to know who writes about you on the web, with a backlink to your site. This is worth doing once a month to be up to date.

Last but not least, do create a Google Alert for your very own brand name as well. You’ll know when somebody is talking about your company specifically …


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