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How To Test Your Internet Speed And Website Load Time

Here are some tester sites that help you identify your internet speed.

When browsing the internet, and webpages not loading properly or fast enough, we all get frustrated. This can have two reasons:

Your internet connection is slow

If this is the case, you should use either one of these two online tools: www.speedtest.net or www.bandwidthplace.com. You will be able to check the connection speed you have, and how fast your internet is in general. Downloading movies/music and lots of connected devices can change your internet speed quite a lot. If you are using wireless, the distance to your router can also play an important rule in your connection strength. If none of the above applies, contact your service provider and have them check your connection to their server.

The site you are trying to load is too heavy

Different websites have different load times. This can depend on their complexity (Flash, lots of heavy images or lots of content in general), but also on the browser you use and its version.

First, make sure your browser of choice is updated to its latest version. Then, try www.loads.in. It’ll give you a quick result on how long a page takes to load. If you are looking for more detailed information, tools.pingdom.com is for you. It will give you a fine-tuned result of your enquiry, and break down the site into segments – from the lightest to the heaviest – so that you can identify the cause of the problem easily.

If you are testing your own site, and you are uploading new content frequently, you should run this test more often to identify speed blockers faster, and provide your visitors with a smooth experience.


Want paid apps
for free?

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  • Vishal Joseph

    Awesome! Its too bad that the internet connections in these third world countries are so damn slow :(

  • Tim Elfelt

    I have been using Pingdom and http://gtmetrix.com

    Thanks for the link to loads.in!

  • craighyde

    Another one that might be worth checking out is WebPerformanceGrader.com

    Nice and simple test that gives you timings and suggests improvements. For example, this site took ~4s to load. Mainly due to ads.