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If you want to know something about mevvy that is not covered here, get in touch.

What is Mevvy?

It’s where you can find the best tools to help you get things done. We select and test websites and apps individually, and we only list tools that are the cream of the crop.

We created Mevvy to help busy people find effective tools faster. We were finding it took longer and longer to identify the best tools, so we decided to build a website that makes the task easier.

What sort of tools does Mevvy list?

We’re happiest when we’re productive, so we’ve focused on tools that help you get things done. From task list and email apps to project management tools, you’ll find them here. (We do have a few games too.)

We’re not iPhone fanboys or Android followers. If a tool works well, we don’t care what platform it runs on.

Who chooses the tools listed on mevvy?

Everything is handpicked by members of our team. We’re real people, familiar with the frustrations a poor app can cause and with the experience to identify the best tools available.

We look for tools that are well designed, easy to use, do what they claim well – and that are genuinely useful.

We do not offer paid-for listings and we can’t be bribed to include tools in the directory. If it’s there, it’s because we think it’s a really useful tool.

How much does Mevvy cost?

Mevvy is totally free, although you may have to pay for some of the tools we list.

How can I find tools?

It’s easy:

  • If you know the tool you’re looking for, enter its name into the search box. There’s one at the top of every page.
  • If you know what task you need to do, type that into the search box instead. We’ll show you apps we think can help.
  • If you want to get excited and inspired by some cool new tools, choose a category and we’ll list apps for you.

I can’t find what I need. Can you still help?

We’ll certainly try. Drop us a line to let you know what you’re looking for.

I know an amazing tool that isn’t on Mevvy. Can you add it?

Send us the details and we’ll try it for ourselves. If it’s up to the mark, we’ll add it to the site.

How do I get my own brilliant tool listed on Mevvy?

Just send us details of your tool. We’ll test it like any other and add it to Mevvy after we’ve tried it.